snippetkeepercropSnippetKeeper is designed to be a personal source code and tip library for multiple programming languages. It organizes your items by programming language and category (both user-defined), and allows items to belong to multiple categories. All items and file attachments (compressed to save space) are stored in a single SQLite database file and it can be exported to/imported from a tab-delimited text file. Go to the Help menu and choose About for complete documentation.

A sample database containing hundreds of tips and sample functions for VB6, Cicode (CitectSCADA programming), C++, VB.Net, and more is available as a separate download.

Visual Basic 6 source code for SnippetKeeper as well as the Visual C++ 2008 Express project for the SQLite database DLL is available as a separate download.


This tool is portable, meaning that it can be run without installation, such as from a memory stick. See the readme file for instructions.

Program Downloads

1.0.1 4/8/2009 Fixed crash when last database path no longer exists
Added ability to browse to select backup file on exit
Fixed problem where saving new items could use invalid item #0
1.0.0 beta 3/4/2009 Original release
 1.0 3/4/2009 Sample Snippet Database

Source Code Downloads

1.0.1 4/8/2009 Application source code (VB6)
1.0.0 beta 3/4/2009 Application source code (VB6)
3.6.11 3/4/2009 SQLite VB DLL source code (VC++ 2008)